4 Day Rifle Course Review Carbine Course Review

This course will enhance skills and techniques learned in the Basic Rifle Course and reinforce the Fundamentals of Marksmanship.  This course will quickly transition into focusing on more Close Quarters rifle skills and manipulations and drive the student into a more tactical/gunfight mindset.


Serviceable Carbine (Centerfire Rifle Only) equipped with Iron Sights and Sling
Minimum of 4 Magazines and a method to carry them on your person (Chest Rig, Belt mounted magazine pouches etc.)
Serviceable Handgun at least 9mm and quality belt holster or thigh rig. No Highpoint, Jennings, etc…
Minimum 3 handgun magazines and magazine pouch
Flashlight either weapon’s mounted or hand held
Weapons Cleaning Kit and Weapon Lubrication
Eye Protection, Ear Protection, Hat with a Brim
Proper range attire – no shorts and sandals – will shoot rain or shine and from all positions
Lunch/Snacks and Water – Additional water will be provided
Minimum 600 rounds Rifle ammunition and 200 rounds Pistol ammunition

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