Autonars Review

Do you work or volunteer with a group that needs a digital-marketing expert speaker for an event or webinar? Our CEO, Ken Fisher, is often a good match for such opportunities.

Topics such as SEO and being found online, how to optimize a blog post like a pro, conversion paths, analytics, mobile app development, trends in site development and more are subjects he can speak on.

Ken also speaks to internal marketing groups at large corporations and government offices, sometimes for lunch-and-learn events, sometimes for internal meetings for large organizations that need an expert.

Ken, has 12+ years in leading digital marketing projects ranging from mobile app development for Fortune 1000 companies, to transforming a dentist’s digital marketing activities and increasing calls by 300% per month, to leading an internationally known policy group’s transition from a custom CMS to a WordPress theme, a website that had hundreds of pages that needed to be moved and optimized. (Yeesh!)

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