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Core aeration helps restore your lawn’s youth and vibrancy

Lawn Aeration (Core Aerification) is an essential practice that allows your lawn to rejuvenate and heal from excessive drought and foot traffic while promoting healthy soil quality and thatch decomposition.

Lawn Order, LLC lawn aeration service breaks up the interface, or overlap of different soil types or sod, and promotes positive conditions for turf grass growth and development. The process helps air and water penetrate deep into the soil, which encourages deeper root growth and better turf quality. This aeration provides a much healthier and vibrant lawn and landscape as a whole.

Your Lawn Order, LLC expert can help design a game plan to maximize the health and beauty of your landscape. Learn more about the benefits of lawn aeration. In the photos below you can see one our our Aerators after doing some core aeration. Notice all the core pellets left on the grass. These pellets dissolve back into the grass. Contact us to learn more about how core aeration can benefit your lawn today!

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