Best Personal Portable Blender For Traveling 2017

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With so many options and opinions it’s hard to make a decision. But if your looking for the best portable blender for travel, you should buy the Chulux Portable Blender. It’s small, compact and the travel mug fits most car and bike cup holders. The silicone and leak proof lids makes this the perfect blender for traveling.

When traveling, we tend to lose control of our eating habits and finding the correct foods isn’t always an easy task. So the norm when traveling is junk food, sodas, milkshakes and unhealthy snacks.

If smoothies are part of your diet and lifestyle, you want to be able to enjoy them no matter where you are. To do so, you would need to carry your blender with you, which will take up space and be a huge inconvenience. Or is it?

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Video here: Best Personal Portable Blender For Traveling 2017

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