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Claire is a nun who wishes she could have a pet cat.  One day, while sitting on the toilet, she meets Gabriel the archangel who tells her she is carrying God’s child, and must raise the child outside the abbey.  As the pregnancy progresses, Claire learns of a once-dead witch, The Horned One, who seems to figure prominently in her past.  In the meantime Sister Catherine, Claire’s mentor, is possessed by an evil cat spirit, who wants to steal Claire away from the abbey.  Luckily, fellow nuns and twins Rosalie and Marie step in as Claire’s bodyguards, providing both magic and swordsmanship.  Pursued by evil spirits and a team of warrior nuns, Claire sets off for adventure while carrying the unborn of the Almighty.

The Cerebus Syndrome, coined from David Sim’s comic Cerebus, describes superficial comics or characters gradually developing into serious and dramatic entities as the story progresses, essentially ending with a completely different product than in the beginning.  Sister Claire, written and drawn by Yamino, fits this definition well.  The comic begins as a surreal comic with oddball characters popping in and out of the background as the bizarre story line unfolds.  Towards the end of the first book, the plot thickens into a more coherent story, the characters evolving from silly one-liners to complex individuals.  The writing is a blend of fantasy and realism with anachronistic elements, a world that is both magic and technology driven.  As most characters are nuns, the cast is almost exclusively female, and the male characters included do not see the women as weaker.

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