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SANDUSKY, Ohio- A traffic stop by Sandusky police is now part of an internal review.

Andre Stockett, of Huron, and his girlfriend were stopped by Sandusky police last Wednesday on a traffic violation.  Stockett, who says he is constantly being harassed by police, videotaped the stop.

“I’m scared for my life,” Stockett can be heard telling police on the video.  He recorded six minutes of the traffic stop on his cell phone.

“I had my two-week-old son in the car, and they were still harassing us,” Stockett said.

Sandusky City Manager Eric Wobser said the videotape was reviewed by prosecutors, who determined the police officers did not violate any criminal matters.  He said the police department will now go over it and decide if any departmental policies or procedures were violated.

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Video here: Buy Traffic Trigger Review

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