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The clock never stops ticking, and here we are in 2017. We’ve been in the video-making business for close to a decade now, and the world of marketing has definitely changed. Video has gone from being a luxury item for businesses to an essential part of any successful marketing plan. In the early days, just getting a video was something in and of itself,  but video usage has become more refined and continues to evolve all the time. Video is changing, and you can see it in these trends that are starting to emerge.

If you have used the internet at all this year past year, you will notice that video has come on strong in the form of a video background on most websites. We use it ourselves. However, that may start diminishing in the near future. Research done by Wistia (a business video host) showed that when they used a video as the backdrop on their home page, their call-to-action was measurably less effective (link). There are a number of things that can influence click-throughs, but this research should at least be given some attention.

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