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Our intervention campaign design came by way of both observation and literature. We utilized the best-fitting literature by which to apply to our intervention scheme. We chose to partner with DATA, the bus service in Durham, making flyers available in bus stop shelters to target the audience determined to be most influential at reducing gross litter waste. This target audience was determined by noting areas with the highest amount of litter. These high litter volume areas happened to be bus stops. The flyers were created to target our audience by utilizing attention-grabbing, young animals. The message on each flyer, “Can It,” was created to be less generic than “Don’t Litter”, while still being instructive, as found in studies carried out by Rieter and Samuel (1980). We also worked with local businesses such as Old Havana Sandwich Shop, who put our campaign posters on their window display and kept some ashtrays to give way when people asked for it. The use of swag, such as pocket ashtrays, will be used to drive the reduction of litter message to the public. A photo of the portable ashtray was placed on each flyer to show alternate methods of disposing of cigarette butts.

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Original Youtube video here: FlexSocial Demo

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