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He’s a 14-time MLB All-Star, five-time MLB champion, and founder of a media web site and a publishing imprint.

Now, he’s also a tech investor.

Derek Jeter’s youth charity, Turn 2 Foundation, has partnered up with StopIt, an anti-bullying app. Jeter personally invested in the startup as well.

Launched just last year, StopIt is a platform designed to fight cyber abuse by kids against kids, and to protect the reputations of schools when it happens. Schools pay the company a small fee—it amounts to a few dollars per student per year, StopIt says—for access to the platform, and students can then download the mobile app for free. The app helps them to quickly screenshot an example of bullying online, tap two buttons, and submit the evidence to a school administrator. The process is anonymous, so there’s no fear, for the student, of being labeled a snitch.

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