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The majority of people are concerned with a lack of resources and wealth. Mostly people impede receiving these resources due to limitations put on by themselves. However, most of these limitations are dictated from the outside by society. A transfer of these limitations is realized through money. If you take a bank-note, you will receive information through this “carrier” and put down information yourself as an eradiating system. You get “carriers” on which somebody else, holding it in his hands, has already written his own attitude towards money. This information was superimposed on his understanding about what money is, on his own attitude towards money, resources and wealth. Thus appears a social environment, which creates stereotypes. These stereotypes do not allow you to realize your creative potential, block the financial fluidity, in input or output, over-squeezing the flow of wealth. You start to suffer from the lack of resources when you do not possess the things you want to have. On the whole, you suffer from a lack of resources in general, and the main resource is time. Usually people transform their own time into some resources, including money. So, the main purpose is to give you a way out into another time layer to take away the appeared limitations and distortions, imposed by the outer medium, i.e. to let yourself rise above the current situation and events.

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