Giphplayer Customer Review

FlickGIF Animated GIF Creation Software by Andrew Darius is Best GIF Creator Software to easily create animated GIFs from a video or set of images and add text, image, animated flash sticker, effect, and pan & zoom to it get more viewer attention, engagement, and sales on your websites, ecom stores, and email. You can make a GIF in black & white, flip it, play in reverse, and even bounce animation playback back and forth instead of loop. On top of that FlickGIF Animated GIF Software by Andrew Darius gives you an ability to render both traditional animated GIF format to use on any image social media, and HD video format, to use on social media with looping video support like Facebook. This is the only GIF creation software that does all that. You can get fascinating Eye-catching gifts people love which are perfect for viral distribution, product presentation and so much more. All that means your gift looks amazing attracts clicks, likes, shares, pins and tweets to increase your exposure and help you boost sales. FlickGIF Animated GIF Creation Software by Andrew Darius has Ken Burns effect, pan & zoom, ability to add SWF flash animated sticker (or any flash animation – SUPER important) on top of GIF, good filters like b&w, mirron, flick. It allow you to crop video & GIF inside FlickGIF which is very important too. ALSO it does create GIF not only from video but from set of images too. FlickGIF Animated GIF Creation Software by Andrew Darius  can export video in BOTH GIF and VIDEO formats and, which is really critical for Facebook and Instagram, can do also portrait, square and any custom dimension export for both GIF and video. I did not see any other GIF creator doing all that. The PRO upgrade allows you to also import already done GIF and add all to it (millions of ready done GIFs user can download from websites like Giphy, Imgur and other sites). I also did not see any other GIF creators importing already done GIFs either (Plus, it converts GIFs to video for external pre-done GIFs without adding anything too). PRO Upgrade also has GIF to looped MP4 video CONVERTER which allows user to get already viral GIFs, convert them to looped MP4 and upload to Instagram and FB. You will be comfortable on FlickGIF Animated GIF Creation Software by Andrew Darius within the first 15 minute session and it’s that easy. No technical skills or design skills are required to select a video or set of images, select options, render and done.

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