How To Find Hud Homes In Sunnyvale Ca

The Sunnyvale Historical Society has been around for 60 years with the goal of preserving and presenting the History of Sunnyvale. We are an all-volunteer organization so the motives for our actions are free from any personal gain and solely dedicated to accomplishing this goal in the most intelligent and open manner possible.   At this point, we are engaged with the City and the developer in an effort to relocate the 1912 Butcher house from its current location at Wolfe and El Camino to a location next to our museum at 570 E. Remington Drive in Sunnyvale. All of the costs of moving the house, bringing it up to code, and restoring it will be borne by the Society.

Because the relocation will require the removal of some apricot trees in the Heritage Park Orchard, there have been several e-mails suggesting that we are trying to “take out the orchard”.  The purpose of this letter is to describe our project and set the record straight about changes to the orchard, which we also consider very much a part of Sunnyvale’s history.

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