How To Photoshoot Workflow

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In our post earlier today I talked a little bit about all of the tasks that are needed when you shoot a wedding. Keeping track of all of these tasks is important and that’s where this iPhone/iPod app comes in. I helped with the creation of this app to make something that we could use in the studio to automate my todo list for each photo shoot. I wanted something that was very quick and easy, when a new wedding was booked or we got a new album sale I wanted to tap a few buttons and have all the todo items on my calendar. Even though it was designed to be very quick to use you can also customize each project. So if you have a unique wedding that needs a few extra tasks, you can add or edit tasks just for that wedding. You can also change the workflows that come with the app or add your own to fit the way that your studio works. Here is a little more info about this app with a couple screenshots.

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