Hypnosis Definition – What Does Hypnosis Mean

Hypnosis is not well understood by many people who still have the idea that there is something mysterious about it, that it is some kind of truth serum, or lie-detector, black magic, or that people would be forced to do things they wouldn’t do consciously. Like Woody Allen in “The Jade Scorpion”. None of these is true.

Stage hypnotists are very skilled in finding people who are highly suggestible, and use them as demonstration subjects. In traditional hypnosis people can be tested for their “suggestibility.” “Highly hypnotizables” are very suggestible. People who are not as suggestible who can still use therapeutic hypnosis because the new review of hypnosis defined by Milton Erickson is that hypnosis is a natural experience that everyone has every day. And then when we are in that state of highly focused attention or natural absorption we can hear or use suggestion in a more efficient and effective way. That is why it is so valuable in psychotherapy.

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