Lead Sensationz Discount Overview

If you saw Tuesdays post, TexFit 2015, you found out I traveled to Texas State University with my wonderful fitness staff for this years conference. In addition to the conference I was honored to host a BOSU workshop. This weekend the featured workshop was BOSU Circuit Sensations!

The room was jammed pack with 30 enthusiastic participants. These 30 quickly turned into sweaty participants after our short circuit workout. The room plus all the hard work being done sky rocketed the temperature. None the less, we had a great time learning new BOSU concepts, exercises, and circuit workout formats.

A huge shout out to all the fitness staff from Texas Tech who came, along with everyone else who came out and made this workshop a wonderful time and a great success. I’ll be heading to Maryland for the 2015 Southeast Collegiate Fitness Expo this weekend to present BOSU Circuit Sensations again for what I hope will be another great group.

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Video here: Lead Sensationz Discount Overview

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