Leader Boot Software Overview

Southwest Central Indiana

Southwest Central Indiana, is blessed with a diverse array of industries with distinct specialization in the advanced manufacturing, life sciences, and national security and defense. To foster positive relationships between school systems and relevant local industry, Regional Opportunity Initiatives, Inc., has partnered with regional employers to increase educator awareness of the types of careers available regionally, and enable schools to improve career awareness in their students.

This week-long experience exposes teachers, counselors and school leaders to the wide variety of industry jobs available in Southwest Central Indiana. K-12 and adult educators are immersed in local, sector-relevant STEM-related industries to learn about the quality jobs available and the skills needed to obtain positions in each of the highlighted companies. In addition to professional development, participants spend time working alongside industry employees at the various locations learning about safety, quality assurance, lean manufacturing, rules/regulations, creative problem solving, workforce needs and educational attainment necessary for employment. Selected educators receive a stipend for participation, travel reimbursement, and professional development credits.

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