Learn More About The Hormonal System

Hormonal Birth Control has been shown to have many side effects in women including but not limited to:

What is not widely known is the effect that hormonal birth control has on our environment and water supply.  Studies show that water-dwelling animals (fish, amphibians) may become “feminized” due to the hormones excreted by women taking the birth control pill, causing the populations of these animals to drop dramatically.  Other studies suggest that the same excreted hormones may disrupt normal hormonal function in humans possibly causing infertility and cancer. “When we fail to acknowledge as part of reality the worth of a poor person, a humanembryo, a person with disabilities--to offer just a few examples–it becomes difficult to hear the cry of nature itself; everything is connected. Once the human being declares independence from reality and behaves with absolute dominion, the very foundations of our life begin to crumble, for ‘instead of carrying out his role as a cooperator with God in the work of creation, man sets himself up in place of God and thus ends up provoking a rebellion on the part of nature.‘”(Pope Francis, Laudato Si–Encyclical Letter on Care for our Common Home (2015)n. 117; quoting St. John Paul II, Encyclical Letter Centesimus Annus, 1991, n. 37).

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