Looking For Some Information On Rules For A Healthy Life

Here she comes, another women dressed and ready to go to the gym. As I welcomed her a thought crossed my mind, that we have a lot of women come into our office who are in the work out attire. More time than not my clients and I will have great conversations about their day. […]

I have become very interested in what in our environment causes our skin to age faster. In my 20s I would bake in the sun and douse myself with the strongest tanning serum I could find. Now in my 40s I am trying to reverse the damage. What has done all the damage?Free Radicals:The healthy […]

​ Hi this is Ali again……Did you know that interval training is, training in which an athlete alternates between two activities, typically different rates of speed, degrees of effort, etc.?Interval training has been something I have done and have found it to be very rewarding in two ways: 1)  I looked forward to doing it […]

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