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Hydrotherapy is the catch-all phrase for the many benefits to body and mind provided by a combination of warm water, massage jets, and many other features.

Traditionally, hydrotherapy can mean a type of physiotherapy in water; perhaps to aid recovery after an accident or illness, or to help people with life limiting conditions to attain a degree of mobility or freedom that would otherwise be difficult.
Hydrotherapy can also mean relaxing in a spa bath after a tiring day, letting the heat and jets loosen tight muscles and aid mental relaxation.

Hydrotherapy however doesn’t need to be limited to the benefits of warm water and air jets. More frequently now, people are aware of the life enhancing experiences that can be gained by a wide range of water-based therapies, particularly for children who have additional support needs. For instance, there are a variety of interactive light and sound systems, with additional water features in many different forms, which have been shown to stimulate learning and enhance the life experiences of those fortunate enough to have access to a facility of this type.

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