Paleo Diet Book: Paleo Cookbook Review

Paleo is not about becoming a ‘caveman’!

 Optimum Health the Paleo Way extends the concept of the ‘caveman diet’ by sharing the bigger picture relating to our health.

Food is fundamental to our life and every person’s nutritional needs are individual. What you eat not only affects your weight, but also your health, happiness and outlook on life. There are many other factors just as important to good health.

Claire Yates, an experienced, qualified and successful nutritionist, answers the question – what is Paleo? Her book Optimum Health the Paleo Way offers a healthier happier lifestyle by thoroughly analysing the benefits of eating the Paleo way.

Adopting a Paleo diet plan or template is essentially about eating fewer processed whole foods that do not cause you any ill effects (for example, possibly excluding foods such as some grains, dairy and legumes, as these can upset many). This change in eating habits can be overwhelming in the beginning.

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