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Most everyone takes a gas leak seriously, and for good reason. Gas leaks can be unhealthy, causing sickness or headaches, or can be very hazardous, including the possibility of explosion or death. That’s why if you have a gas leak you want to professionally repair or control it as soon as possible. Proactive Plumbing can find a gas leak and repair it, usually the same day.

If you have a major gas leak and you cannot shut off the gas supply yourself, call your gas supplier right away. If they cannot respond immediately or if the situation is endangering lives or property, call the fire department. Always use gas fuels responsibly; misuse can result in injury or death.

We usually find one of three reasons for a gas leak: improper installation, wrong material installed or corrosion of gas pipe material. Sometimes the trouble is as simple as tightening a joint at a fitting or gas connection adapter. Sometimes we find that the wrong material has been installed, for example, black iron gas pipe installed outdoors where galvanized gas pipe is the proper choice. Other times the process may be very involved including pipe tracing, leak detection, permitting, or inspection, and may require a day or more to provide the correct solution. No matter how little or how long it takes to make the repair, be sure it’s done right, safely, and to code.

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