Plumbers San Diego Offerring Free Estimates

Jiffy is a full line residential and light commercial plumbing, HVAC and remodeling contractor proudly serving the Washington and Baltimore metropolitan areas with speedy response times and fair prices.

Our Customers agree, and come back to us over and over because of the service, professionalism, and respect that Over 50 employees demonstrate on each job. Whatever the need, Jiffy is on Call and at your Service day and night.

At Jiffy, we’ve created the first of its kind “Customer’s Bill of Rights,” see the image to the right. Our Customer Bill of Rights Sets a high standard for all of our staff to meet, stressing the importance of an empathetic, pro-Consumer and ethical attitude. We know you have choices, and we really appreciate that you’ve chosen Jiffy. We try Our best, by word and deed, to fulfill your expectations of a fast, clean, polite repair experience. We look forward to Serving you.

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Video here: Plumbers San Diego Offerring Free Estimates

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