Professional Eyelash Extensions Mesa AZ Eyelash Extensions Pros And Cons

Beautiful, Long, Natural Looking Eyelashes!

Eyelash Extensions are an exciting technique for thicker, longer, and abundant looking eyelashes. Your natural eyelashes are made thicker and longer through a professional application, of a single eyelash applied directly to your own individual eyelash, using our specially formulated, FDA approved, surgical grade adhesive. Eyelash Extensions are for professional use only and should only be applied by a licensed professional, trained, and certified in eyelash extensions. Before having eyelash extensions applied, confirm your eyelash extension professional is a Licensed Aesthetician, Certified in Lash Extensions, and is using a Mag lamp. Do not be fooled by Nail salons & Hair salons, claiming to do eyelash extensions. Most times they’re applying dime store clusters, with a cheaper version of overseas adhesive, containing formaldehyde. Unfortunately, these are very dangerous and should never be applied to your lashes, as they are not applying to a single lash, but to a group of lashes, causing your lashes to pull and rip out as they try to naturally grow. The large amount of glue that is used, is extremely dangerous, causing burning, and should never be placed near the eye. Clusters at a nail salons, by an unlicensed person, can cause Blepharitis, eye infections, balding, blindness, breakage, and more.

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