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ThinkFun ZingoMy parents bought this game for my daughter over a year ago (before she turned 4) and it is one of her favorites.
Each player gets a game card with the objective of filling the card. Two tiles are revealed at a time. The first person to yell out the one they need gets to take the tile. There are two levels to play at. The easier level has less overlapping items between the cards.
My daughter always plays the same card (the only one that has a ghost on both levels). This gives her an advantage because she knows which items are on her card without looking. As she has gotten older I have found we can play more competitively. At first, we would give her a couple seconds before yelling out what we needed. Now, we need the advantage, not her.
ThinkFun What's Gnu
Based on our positive experience with this game, she is getting What’s Gnu for Christmas. She is just starting to read so I think this will be a great game for her that combines what she likes about Zingo (except the ghost card) with learning reading and spelling. I felt their other games (S’Match, Zingo 1-2-3) were too similar to Zingo and until the last month or two she was not ready for What’s Gnu.

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