Reach Influencer Software Review

Aligning Brand Strategy And Influencer Marketing

In 2001, Emanuel Rosen published The Anatomy of Buzz, one of the first books dedicated to “Word of Mouth” marketing. A few years later, Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba published Citizen Marketers: When People Are the Message. With the emergence of this new discipline The Word of Mouth Marketing Association was created to advocate for the WOM industry.

Fast forward a decade and we find today’s marketing community seemingly obsessed with influencer marketing and its power of persuasion. Almost identical to Word Of Mouth marketing, influencer marketing can be seen as its 2.0, this time on a different scale and with new buzzwords. The proliferation of social networks and the advent of mobile technologies has enabled (many) ‘everyday’ consumers to become social influencers. This has turned into a $1B advertising industry, as brands and their agencies see in social influencers a way to reach sizeable audiences with an authentic and personal message.

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