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Mednick’s Plumbing in Vista, California, formally started over 10 years ago. That’s when Nick Medina took the leap from plumbing pro to Licensed Contractor.  But that’s just the beginning of our story.

There never seems to be enough time to tell about who we are and what stand for – especially when we’re handling emergency jobs.  So we thought best to tell you right here on our website.

The road to where we are today reads much like other success stories - filled with twists and turns and loads of behind-the-scenes hard work.

Nick was born and raised far outside of the San Diego metropolitan area in which he now lives and works.  The family, community and social structure where Nick grew up was tight knit.  Both the good and the bad is that everyone was known in his small town.  People would recognize each other and say hi.  It also meant that you knew that wherever you were someone might be watching.  It was both loving and hard to hide from your mistakes.

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