SpeakEz Demo

These 22 marketing themes have been developed to let you build a business website which showcases your service in a modern and fresh way. Whether you’re creating a new marketing blog, a new site for a SEO company or for an ad agency, this collection of WordPress themes will help you make your choice. All of the themes are fully responsive, so you’ll be sure that your marketing website will bring you leads on all devices.

Solopreneur is a theme built for bloggers and marketers who are looking for a well designed theme to grow their audience with. The theme is not only visually appealing but it’s built keeping bloggers’ needs in mind. The fully responsive design ensures that your posts are readable on devices with screens of all shapes and sizes. Its careful layout makes the most of your site’s whitespace without making it look too crowded or too empty.

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Original Youtube video here: SpeakEz Demo

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