Sweat Suits For Weight Loss

My sister texted my brother and I on Friday that she was taking her youngest through our high school because she’ll be starting high school in the fall and is already picking out classes and seeing what kinds of extra curricular activities and sports are available to her.  Um, it’s a lot.   Um, try 23 sports including field hockey (duh!), water polo and badminton.   And for extra-curricular activities?  Try over 70!  Including: vegetarian/animal rights group; robotics and gospel choir.

Since we went to such a big high school, there are a number of famous alumni.  My sister snapped this picture of the “wall of excellence” and my brother texted “did Thomas Lennon go to school while you guys were there?”  If you don’t know the name Thomas Lennon, you may know one of his favorite charactors:

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