Using Different Strategies To Gain User Growth

May 2, 2017 | 0 comments

I’m in this Facebook Group. It’s for people who advertise on Facebook.

At least once every goddamned day, someone will find some “amazing growth hacking” tool and ask “Should I try this?”

The answer, almost always is: Christ, no.

This particular app this fellow is talking about does this:

This app, and hundreds like it, will be gone in a month?—?removed and banned by Facebook. And the pages that use them are at risk of being closed as well. It’s happened. There is absolutely no way this particular app is “approved” (in fact, read further down their sales page and you see that the API “actions” are approved?—?perhaps, but that doesn’t mean ALL API USES are approved).

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Original Youtube video here: Using Different Strategies To Gain User Growth

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